Heroes of Might and Magic 2 for the Mac

For today I have a golden oldie called: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 for you guys. This game is the second version of the series. I ported aready: Heroes of Might and Magic 3Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Because this game (although old) is still very popular, I decided to port this one as well. This game is available on GOG.com and works great using Crossover!

Lord Ironfist is dead and the Kingdom is plunged into a vicious civil war by his feuding sons. At stake is the ultimate prize: control of the land and succession of the royal throne. Will you support the villainous usurper and lead the armies of evil or be loyal to the righteous prince and deliver the people from tyranny.

Check out the new game page up here…

HoMM2_screenshot 2 mac

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