More games added to Portingkit!

UPDATE 25-3-2015: Fixed a bug in the Cossacks – Art of war and Cossacks – Back to War file, those should work fine now.

Here another post with an update of the latest games added to the Portingkit. It seems that is re-structuring their game files. There are separating combi games in to multiple downloads. This means that if you purchase Cossacks Anthology, you have now 3 separate downloads instead of one file containing all 3 games in one installation. That’s fine of course, but this means the start executable path is changed and also the setup file name. This means for me that I have to adjust those WSI files in the Portingkit. Luckily they are just a few, so I can adjust them quite easily.

I made for Cossacks Anthology, three separate game files because of this: Cossacks Back to War, Art of War and European Wars. So for each game you have to download that specific setup file. It looks like they are forgot or they still have to “part” American Conquest + Fightback because they are still together in one setup file. So for now I added both game in one installer file creating 2 shortcuts to both games. I also made for Tomb Raider IV and Tomb Raider V separate download files.

Then I added Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance (On request) which are 2 Steam games . Then 2 other games which are non-steam: Dark Void Zero and SBK 2011.

Then Last but not least 2 free games: Live for Speed and onEscapee! Have fun!

Get the Portingkit (if you don’t have it yet) up here…

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