Mount & Blade Warband: Viking Quest released for Mac!

Awesome news! The Mount & Blade Warband: Viking Quest DLC is out! From the creators of the popular “Brytenwalda” mod, we present to you “Viking Conquest”, an upcoming DLC for Mount & Blade Warband! This single and multi player DLC brings Mount & Blade to historical Dark Age Britain, complemented by authentic scenes and cultures. The DLC a story mode with a complex plot, where choices have real consequences, as well as a standard sandbox mode in an all new setting, with expanded options and controls. Online battling also takes on its own flavour, with special modes like Coastal Assault and Warlord. Play this awesome DLC now on your Mac!

To play this great DLC, you need to own the main game Mount & Blade: Warband. Warband is on sale now as well with a 50% discount!

Go to the Mount & Blade: Viking Quest game page up here…

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