Multiple more games added to Portingkit.

There is some more movement in the Portingkit. Past days there were over 10 more games added to the Portingkit. Some of them were broken links and now they are save and sound in the Portingkit. below the list of the games:

  • Trails 2 SE (Automatic download of Demo. can be activated to full version by serial)
  • Ghost Recon
  • Dungeon & Dragons Dragonhard
  • Lords of Magic
  • Darkstone
  • Alone in the Dark: The new Nightmare
  • D-day Normandy (free game – automatic download + install)
  • Age of Wonders
  • Children of the Nile
  • Warlord Battlecry 3
  • Ethan Meteor Hunter
  • Hitman Codename 47
  • Pandemonium
  • Perimeter
  • Tzar Burden of the Crown

Yeps a whole bunch in just a few days :) For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…


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