Myst IV Revelation Apple Silicon compatible + Outlaws Apple silicon workaround.

Great news! as you may already know Apple Silicon Compatibility is something in progress. A couple of known issues for Apple silicon are:
1. Bad support for a bunch low resolution games
2. Some games laggg (slow) on Apple Silicon
3. Some glitches in some games.

All these points are improving in every new engine which comes out and on newer Mac OS releases. However. For point 1, there are for some games workarounds available which will have my attention (besides all other stuff). I managed to “fix” 2 games past days, with 1 great fix (Myst IV Revelation) and a workaround for “Outlaws + handful of missions” (using windowed mode).

Myst IV Revelation:
Myst IV wouldn’t start on Apple Silicon Mac’s because of the 640×480 resolution, so I made a change in the config so it will launch in 1024×768, which fixed the bug instantly. It has great performance on the M1 Apple Silicon Mac. So if you don’t have Myst IV – Revelation yet, then get it on and install and play it in Porting Kit on your Apple Silicon Mac.

For Outlaws more or less a limited workaround by making it Windowed mode in 800×600 Resolution using the newly added config launcher. It’s unfortunately not full screen, but better this then nothing I would say (see screenshot). Still very pleasing to play.

More updated games with resolution fixes and workarounds for Apple Silicon is in the making! Keep an eye on the blog.

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