Myst IV Revelation (now totally) M1/M2 Apple Silicon Ready!

A few previous posts showed that I updated Myst IV – Revelation for M1 Apple Silicon (tested on M1 Apple Silicon Macbook Air), however on M2 Apple Silicon and M1 Macbook Pro’s it still didn’t work because of the 1024×768 resolution. However, after research (and lots of testing) I have the game M2 and M1 Macbook Pro ready while the game now runs in 1600×900 resolution :D! Yes, widescreen resolution gameplay and videos!

How that looks like? Check out the screenshot below. For the people who don’t own the game yet, get Myst IV – Revelation from GOG ASAP and download the “Offline backup setup files” and use the port in Porting Kit to get it running on your Mac using the simple install instructions!

Don’t you have Porting Kit yet? Download it quickly from the Porting Kit website here…

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Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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