Myst V – End of Ages back as port in Porting Kit!

A while back on Mojave, Cyan had released All Myst games for Mac, unfortunately that appeared to be for a very small time. Because after a short time after the release to Mac, Catalina came out and made an end to it for Myst IV revelation, Myst URU Chronicles, and Myst V – End of Ages. Fortunately we managed to port Myst Uru Chronicles and Myst IV- Revelation back to Mac so you could play it also on Catalina and Big Sur. Now we added Myst V- End of Ages as well. When interested to the Mac versions of the first 3 titles, these are still native available on using SCUMVM.

We always recommend having besides Porting Kit also Crossover as alternative. Crossover is more advanced, supports DX11 and has phone support other features. Crossover makes Porting Kit possible and when purchasing Crossover using the links here you support us with out work with Porting Kit. Get it here…

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Download Portingkit if you don’t have it already!
2. Download the Myst V – End of Ages “offline backup setup” file(s) into your (root) download folder.
3. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click “Install”
4. Portingkit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
5. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
6. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
7. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
8. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click “play”!
9. Enjoy the game!

Game description:
Myst 5: End of Ages brings the marvelous story presented in the series to a very satisfying and definitive end. This is one of those games where you keep the whole end-credits rolling while you submerge yourself in thoughts of what you have just experienced and how incredible it was. It is even a little sad that this is it but every great story has to have an end and this is clearly the conclusion the series deserved. 

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