Navyfield 2 (Beta) for Mac!

Yes people, good news! After trying so hard for so long getting Navyfield to work without result, I have splendid news! Navyfield 2 which got released today works with the WORKS in wine! The game is still in BETA as well is the Portingkit. played multiple battles and the game may crash once in a while, but for the die hards this won’t hurt a bit! So get the game on and create an account there and start the fight!

Download the Portingkit and select the Aura game on the library –> server tab and download and install the game using the basic video tutorial of the Portingkit. Have fun!

Download the Portingkit up here…

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  1. Hello, I did this, but after every game it crashes. Do you have any idea why?

  2. Well, its something I can’t put my finger on, thats why it is still beta. I am waiting on a more stable wine and a more stable navyfield 2 so that it will be fixed. So I hope to have soon some answers for you.

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