Need for Speed Most Wanted for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Welcome to the “Need for Speed Most Wanted” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port this game so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application.

This game is not available in the Porting Kit yet. Porting Kit is the new application which “ports” the game to your Mac. The video and download links in the slider are outdated and won’t work on OS X 10.11+. Fortunately there is way to fix/update it, install the game with the Porting Kit using this video instruction. Or when you use the Crossover application the Crosstie below (when available).

Game description:
Continuing the story-based, open-world approach of the Underground games, Most Wanted — a launch title for the Xbox 360 — added several interesting new types of gameplay to the Need for Speed universe. Your car now had a “Rap Sheet”, keeping track of the coolest, most dangerous moves and memorable police chances that you pulled off while in the driver’s seat.Being chased by cops was a little different in Most Wanted, as a “heat” system determined how much force the police used in trying to capture you. Depending on your heat level, different types of police vehicles were chasing you — ranging from unmarked SUVs to Pontiac GTOs. Roadblocks, spike strips, and police helicopters made evading capture more difficult, not to mention the Corvette-driving cop, Sergeant Cross, who would stop at nothing to take you down. If you got busted too many times, you had to pay to get your car out of the impound lot.

Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: NVIDIA 9400M graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce 320M, AMD Radeon 6770M
OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.2+ compatible?: yes
Whats tested: Playing a few levels, DVD version of the game
Does Multiplayer work?: Not tested
Known Issues: In-game resolution change gives a crash
Whats not tested: Intel graphical cards


Need-for-Speed-Most-Wanted mac screenshot 1
Need-for-Speed-Most-Wanted mac screenshot 2
Need-for-Speed-Most-Wanted mac screenshot 3

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