Need help reporting issues with ports on M1 Apple Silicon.

You saw the past week some wrapper updates regarding the latest CX21.1.o Engine. Which is of course great news for many ports!

You may think, why not updating all ports with that latest engine, well, we thought and even did that for a few days finding out that this engine has for many games regressions as well. So, that did made us cautious to do that and made us switch to manual updating ports again preventing these issues. This work is quite extensive, but we also need your help letting us know if a specific port is not working with the M1 Apple Silicon Mac.

If this is the case let us know asap so we can look into it and fix it and when impossible at least update the port description with that info.

Thanks in advance,

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14 thoughts on “Need help reporting issues with ports on M1 Apple Silicon.

  1. Civilization III wil not start after installation (GOG).
    There are no messages or feedback.

    Tested on a M1 Pro

  2. Total Annihilation (GOG) gives the following error after starting:
    Error: Environment Initialization Failed!
    Check your DirectX setup

    Then the game stops.

    Tested on a M1 Pro

  3. Heroes of Might an Magic III (GOG) wil not start after successful installation.
    There are no messages or feedback.

    Tested on a M1 Pro

  4. @Michael
    – Total Annihilation should work with latest update and might require Monterey Mac OS to run (latest version)

    – Civilization 3 (I need more info, can you sent another e-mail, there seems that some mails has slipped through)

    – Heroes 3 not working yet is most likely an Apple rosetta thing. There are a few more games effected by this bug.
    Apple is working on improvements with every Mac OS update, but also Wine developers are working on improvements so every newer engine may improve things as well.

    – @eske, did you sent an email about that? If not, please do so I need more info about that.

  5. Fallout 4 used to work on my M1 8 GB.
    My installation recently stopped working and I tried reinstalling it without success.
    I tried advanced installation and used different engines but non of them seem to work.
    After clicking play I just get a black screen or the game crash

  6. Quake IV – works after tweaks with resolution, but performance is poor – so poor it is not playable on lowest setting (on M1).

  7. The following ports won’t start on my M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey:

    Star Wars: Republic Commando
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Diablo II
    Costume Quest
    Divine Divinity
    Fallout 2
    Soul Reaver 2
    Populous 3
    Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter
    Star Wars: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight
    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
    Star Wars: Starfighter
    Syberia II
    System Shock Enhanced Edition
    Tomb Raider III
    Tomb Raider IV

  8. On M1 pro:
    Heroes4 not working, reporting MSVC++ runtime error.
    Heroes3 not working, with no error message.

  9. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion works awful. Very bad Performance. It works perfect on Parallels Desktop 17 through Windows 11 (arm). I already played it there and wanted to compare. Gog version, Ultra High settings, 2560×1440 resolution.

    Mac mini M1 16Gb
    macOS Monterey 12.2

  10. Warcraft 2. Game loads but then becomes inoperable. Audio is choppy.

    I’m running it on a M1 mini running 11.6

  11. Dune 2000 doesn’t launch on Macbook Pro M1. Error msg “The video card does not support the required modes. Please open config program and change you resolution”. I have tried every option but no success.

  12. On the Macbook Pro M1, using porting kit Rise of Nations keeps crashing during game play or after saving a game. Crashes are more frequent online.

  13. Macbook Pro M1 chip anno 1404 is not working. Get the error Cannot Import dll:msi.dll

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