New coming features Porting Kit and Basics Linux Porting Kit is ready.

Here a quick heads up about Porting Kit. As we already mentions, if it’s a bit quiet regarding new ports, then it doesn’t mean that we are sitting still. On the contrary. We are happy to share some news about future features and support, starting about chat and multiplayer/LAN support.

As you may remember, a year back we talked about a bunch of features from which a couple are already realized and a few still in queue, from which Chat and LAN/multiplayer support. To do this we will add Discord integration into Porting Kit using an API, which will make friends list/chat possible including network support, which would allow us to provide multiplayer for games that support LAN. We have no clear ETA for when it’s finished but then you know now some more details regarding that.

Second, Linux support. Yeah, that one was long on the todo list, but it’s now getting closer to realization. In matter of fact, the basics are even ready! Basic port creation is ready, now we have to work out the details with doing Winetricks and having Linux based Engines. Below a video with a sneak peak on Ubuntu! ETA? We hope to have it ready even this year! Yes a lot of exciting stuff! Keep an eye on the blog for updates and thanks for your support and bearing with us. It means a lot to us.


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