New Created CrossTies Week 5!

Quite a bunch new CrossTies I created, and some already existing CrossTies we checked out for tonight. Raoul Koomen and Ian Pickert are really helping me out testing and Ranking games in Crossover and I am really happy with them :) So if you want to help as well, just install your games you own in Crossover and let me know if it works, when there isn’t a CrossTie yet, or if there is, Rank it on the Crossover game page so people know that it works with the latest Crossover version. This is something we all can do and this way we can help each-other :). Some really awesome CrossTies are up know. A few very interesting ones are Medal of Honor Allied Assault (finally!) Payday 2, Startrek and Operation Flashpoint. Thirteen CrossTies in total, yep we are nice on schedule! Have fun!

So check the Crossties out below and play these amazing games on your Mac! You need Crossover pre-installed in order for the CrossTie to work. Check out Crossover video page or on the game pages how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

Non steam CrossTies:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Baldur’s Gate
Call of Juarez
Forgotten Realms Demonstone
Icewind Dale
Myst Online: Uru Live

Steam CrossTies:
Star Trek The Video Game
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Star Wars Knights of the Old republic 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Payday 2

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