New Crossover version is in Beta which means CX21 Engine is coming within weeks!

Crossover CX21 is in beta mode, this means that in not too long (weeks) we will have access to a newer engine!! Yes and newer engine means better support, fixes and especially great news for Apple Silicon Macs which will get better support! We are looking forward to the new release an I am working at the moment very hard to submit bugs which are CX19 and CX20 to be addressed and fixed in CX21. I know for sure already that Monkey Island 4 and Empire Earth for example will work on Apple Silicon on CX21, but this only one of the few I tested!

Testing, testing, testing. Because its so important to have a good working CX21 engine I am spending a lot of time doing bug reports at Crossover (Promocode 30% “Portingover”) in the beta, so updating WSI2 files to WSI3 will be postponed for those couple of weeks. Lets hope we will have an awesome working CX21 with as much game compatibility as possible!

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