New CrossTies Week 7!

A dozen more new/updated Crossties! This weekend I already mentioned that there were 6 CrossTies in the Queue by Codeweavers to approve, but they were so busy with the new release that they had hardly time to do so. yesterday all the Ties were approved and that’s why this post. If you want to help as well, just install your games you own in Crossover and let me know if it works, when there isn’t a CrossTie yet, or if there is, Rank it on the Crossover game page so people know that it works with the latest Crossover version. This is something we all can do and this way we can help each-other :)

Red Faction and Red Faction 2 were released thueseday on So I purchased them straight away and made a CrossTie of them as for 10 more games as well. Most of them are very popular games, so check them out! You need Crossover pre-installed in order for the CrossTie to work. Check out Crossover video page or on the game pages how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

New/updated CrossTies:
Bionicle Heroes
Sherlock Holmes – Secret of the Mummy
Titan Quest
Desperados 3 – Helldorado
Thief 3 Deadly Shadows
UFO Aftermath
STALKER Chernobyl
East India Company
Red Faction
Red Faction 2

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