New Game Search and game pages in place on!

A new Milestone is reached! Because of a hard working friend and co-worker on Porting Kit, our one and only main developer Vitor Marques de Miranda has put the search Engine and the game page feature on! What does this all mean? I know, I know, it contains a lot and some explanation :) Lets start with the Search engine:

The Search engine is totally changed now to this page…. It looks gorgeous with icons and ratings and shows when its a free game or not. You can simply tick on the search terms which will show you the results of the search. Because there has been some bugs in the Porting Center, not all games has gotten a “genre” selection and that makes the game invisible in the search. Thats why we are updating coming days all game ports and adding the specific game genre and thus visible in the search. So expect a lot of orange collard games coming days ;)

search portingkit













But wait, there is more! every game as its own awesome game page now and App ID! For Example: Incredible Machine: More Contraptions has ID 739 and has its own page with rankings, trailer, game description etc. which is also mentioned in the port description in the Portingkit. Is that cool or is that cool?

Portingkit game page












Well, in the end Portingkit will replace my original Website of, and we are a mayor step closer to that. So give Vitor a big hand for his hard work with the new Portingkit Website features! Awesome work if I may  say it myself! Also the website is made ready for the search engines so game pages will be found (better) from now on on the Internet as well! Enjoy the site!

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