New iMacs are out!

The new iMacs seem to be out this week, and it is always good to check with what hardware it is shipped! So, i checked with full expectancy, but was disappointment with what I saw… Apple sticks on the Intel graphics cards for the general cheaper basic systems. An intel HD Graphics 5000 for the basic 21″ system (with only 1.4Ghz!!!) costing $1099 which is in my opinion quite expensive for it is. Then for $1299 we still have no Nvidia card, but we are stuck with an Intel Iris Pro graphics card, which is luckily a bit better then the Intel HD Graphics 5000 and twice the speed (2.7 Ghz), but still not what we want. And finally after paying at least $1499 you got a Graphics card worthy of gaming, a Nvidia Geforce GT 750M. So there is unfortunatly no AMD radeon GFX card (what I hoped) in one of the iMacs released. A real shame…. The only good thing with the iMac is that it is shipped with at least 8GB internal memory expandable to 16GB which is really needed with gaming.

Conclusion: If you are thinking to move to a new iMac and you love gaming. Save a bit more to get at least the iMac with the Nvidia Geforce GT 750M for better game support and better experience…


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