New Porting Kit 4 Beta (4.0.50) release!

As you may know already, we are working hard on Porting Kit 4.0 Beta. We reached now version 4.0.50 and implemented so extra features and fixes. We want to move (copy) the best functionality and tools to Porting Kit 4 which are are already on Porting Kit 3.0. Options like the install mod/patch option, which with this release is added to Porting Kit 4 Beta. Check out the changes below for the full change log. The update will be done automatically from Beta version 4.40. So if you haven’t seen an update notification, please check you Porting Kit version and when your version is below 4.0.40 then redownload the PK 4 Beta from the Porting Kit website… 

– Added extra measure against GOG Galaxy installers
– App icons should be stored in separated files
– Adding CrossOver tab to the header
– Install Patch/Mod option added
– Button replacement to kill processes replaced with prompt
– PK4 shouldn’t randomly crash in case it’s running inside a read-only volume

When you run into bugs or issues contact us using the contact tab from Porting Kit 4.0. Enjoy!

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