New Porting Kit! Native games and Origin is back!

VitorMM here, and Porting Kit have support to native games now! What that means? That means that now you will find links to buy native games in our database, so now you can manage ALL your games with the Porting Kit, and not only the ported ones. That will be specially useful when we rally a new feature in Porting Kit, which should be coming soon…

Now about Origin ports: they are back! All Origin port were updated to Paul’s newest Origin engine, and now we won’t have problems with the latest Origin version. No more update error in the end of the installation, and no errors related to game installations.

With Porting Kit 1.9.115, we also have some bug fixes since 1.9.95, which includes a bug which made Porting Kit incapable of being used by computers with more than one active user. Also, the Ranking tab is now multi-threaded, which means that it won’t froze Porting Kit until its content has been loaded.

Many surprises are coming in the next Porting Kit releases (my TODO list already has 12 items), so keep yourself updated. If you want to keep yourself in touch with the latest features, make sure you always update to the latest version. If you only want to access new features when they are completely tested, update only when the latest version is marked as stable, which will be the same version for download here.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

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