New Steam Wrappers and Instructions!

Great news!! As already mentioned earlier I created a few Steam Wrappers which can be used for all the games mentioned on this website and more! This to compensate the people who cannot effort Crossover and still want to play their Steam games. I made a document with the list of Steam games on my website and about which Steambuild Wrapper to use in what occasion/for what game. After a lot fiddling and tweaking and trying to make sure to make the Wrapper as compatible as possible without breaking things, I came up with 4 different Steam Wrappers.  All 4 have their own strength and weaknesses.

–    Steambuild1: This Steam Wrapper is the first one you need to use for all the games.
–    Steambuild2: Try this one for all your games needing .net Frameworks 4.0
–    Steambuild3glsl:  Try this one When you experience graphical glitches with the build1
–    Steambuild4x11: Try this one if you hear the sound of the game but can’t see anything or when Steambuild1 simply doesn’t work for you.

These Steambuild Wrappers might also work with other games not mentioned on this website. If that is the case, please let me know using the contact form. This info is highly appreciated, so I can add the game to the catalog and other people may benefit of this info as well. Because of the file size the Wrappers are 7ziped, use an un-archiver like the free KEKA to extract the 7zip files. The specific steam games pages will receive/be updated with info and links to the specific Steam Wrappers coming days. Enjoy!!!

Get the Wrappers up here… and the instruction document here…


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