New video Planetside 2!

As already mentioned earlier, the old video (of yesterday) of Planetside 2 had a volume issue. The voice of Ian was hardly to hear. That is why he made a new one and that one is available now on youtube, on the Planetside 2 game page and on this blog. Enjoy! I will make another video of the gameplay of Rome Total War 2 tonight so you can see the nice gameplay of the game.

Go to the Planetside 2 game page using this link…

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  1. I didnt know that he did have a blog, do you have a link for me?

  2. “This blog” :P, so no he hasn’t.

  3. Ian Pickert is a valuable team member of and helps me with with porting games and making videos and he is giving me info of all kind of game related things.

  4. This doesn’t work, it says it encounters a serious problem and keeps on crashing…

  5. Are you talking about when you double clicked the wrapper and steam didn’t open? Because I have that same problem.

  6. I can get steam to open with the wrapper but it closes right after I click login. Any fixes?

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