New Video tutorial about playing Windows Steam games on your Mac!

As you already know I have a bunch of Steam Wrappers available on the site so you can play a wide range of Steam games. I only hadn’t a video tutorial about the steam wrappers specifically. So I made this video after all to show the differences where to download, which one to choose and all things around it. So enjoy this video and

Download the Steam Wrappers up here… or check the specific Steam game pages where it is told which version to use for that specific game. Feel free to test every game you have into those steam Wrappers and share with me your experiences with your Steam games. If they work in the wrapper, let me know, so I can test it as well and add those games on the list of, so everyone can enjoy these games as well!

Enjoy the video which I made on my birthday (yup I am 32 years young now), and have fun!

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  1. Happy Birthday, I wish you the best!

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