New Wineskin Video Tutorial: How to install a game into Wineskin

I made a new video about how to install a game into Wineskin. I pursue to make a Wrapper and a Crosstie for all games. This will be an Utopia because some games will only work in Crossover and some only in Wineskin. To avoid me making videos of the same instructions all the time, I made this basic install instruction for Wineskin Wrappers. This video will be the standard for the new game pages where no CrossTie is available and only works in a Wrapper. The Wrappers on the site are pre-configured/finetuned/tweaked for that specific game, so only this basic video instruction are required to get the game running on your Mac. I hope you guys will enjoy the video and that it will help you with the basic installation of a Windows game into Wineskin.

Besides below, you can find this video on the specific new game pages and on the Wineskin Video Tutorial page.

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