New World of Tanks Wrapper update!

Ok guys, a new updated World of Tanks update. This one should fix glitches and framerates! let me know the results on your side!

– Glitch fix!
– Performance improvements

Get the new Wrapper from the game page here…


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  1. Goes very good, same FPS than my old wrapper, but i have some glitches in garage like you see clan chat and you only see the nick of the clan but not green box around it, and same when i press esc, there are no boxes around words… :-) i like this, bt can you link me the old wrapper ? before all of these updates ?

  2. and i have next glitch, i cannot see the accuracy circle when reloading

  3. sorry, i downloaded my favorite circle and it works now

  4. Hello paul!
    9.0 came out, and client crashes after every battle for me, FPS are better, but when i reload i don’t see the aiming circle! is the beggiest problem! bt here are some easy glitches- as disappearing boxes around menu options and so on :-)

  5. Works like a charm! even in fullscreen!
    Having the same crash as Iron_Bolt though.. after every game it crashes…

    Posted (slightly edited) logs to
    Removed a lot of the recurring fixme’s… otherwise i couldn’t post it to pastebin

  6. If you guys want technical support, you should use the contact form in the menubar at the top of the site. This way you can contact Paul directly. You can also email me at [email protected] :)

  7. Hello Ian, i many times tried to contact paul that way in past, i never had response :-))) I wrote him on his email today, because i couldn’t log in to my account here in this side, and posted him an image with my graphic glitch :-))) and wrote him to look here to tell us some solutions for game crash and graphic glitch for me :-) Hope you don’t have it! I don’t see aiming circle when reloading ! :(( Heheh sometimes a big problem :-)) I have 16GB RAM, 3,4 GHZ process, Graphic AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB, and installed OS X MAVERICS ….. OS X 10.9.2

  8. I got many emails, but I cannot answer all of them (i try) and I did answer some of your mails in the past.

    I havent been able to check out the latest WOT update myself yet. Yesterday were some massive host issues with the website which caused the website to be down. I will try what I can do.

    check also: rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> tools –> regedit –> navigate to hkey current user –> software –> wine –> direct3d –> do you see a UseGLSL string? If yes delete it and try again. Also If this fails. try deselecting the mac driver (rightclick wrapper –> show package content wineskin –> screensettings –> delect macdriver checkbox. and try again.

  9. Hello Paul. I tried to find that USEGLSL, but it was not there :-(
    And when i deselected mac driver, nothing changes :(

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