News update Porting Kit and Catalina

So far so good. We are working hard to make it happen. Codeweavers (Crossover) managed to have it working already as mentioned in an earlier post. We are working hard with the help of Dean (Wineskin developer) to get 32bit-to-64bit conversion made possible by Ken Thomas from Codeweavers work in Wineskin. We hope to have some stuff ready in the beginning of the year.

But that is not all, Vitor is working hard to get Porting Kit completely rewritten again in “Electron” which will make it cross-platform (also Linux or even Windows!). It will fix also a lot of bugs which has been in the old app PK3.0. The new Portingkit will be called PK4.0 and have instead of specific icons, a more steam like view. Below a little preview screenshot from the GUI (in early stage).

Again we are working hard to make Porting Kit ready for the future and multi-platform :) I keep you posted and have a great new year!

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