Might of Magic 8 game port fixed.

It seemed that Might of Magic 8 had a bug crashing Porting Kit while installation of the game. The cause of the issue was the custom Wineskin not supporting X11 anmore. We addressed the problem by making the game Macdriver compatible using “Software 3D” rendering of the game. This in combination with “GDI” Directdraw rendering, the game now is fully install-able and playable again :) An important setting is now required to do in the game “configuration utility”. You need to select “Software 3D” and keeping the “full screen” option in tact before launching the game in order to play the game properly.

When you search the game now in the Porting Kit database, you will find that the game has the usual “updated” badge visible in the game icon.  Have fun!
Read more about the game on the Portingkit game page up here…

Porting Kit issues when installing games since latest update (PK Version 3.0.13)

It looks like a bunch of people having the” Error while listing folder contents: Dosdivices doesn’t exist.” issue are Catalina users which haven’t disabled SIP. For those people please follow these instructions:

  • Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  • Click Restart…
  • Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode.
  • Click Utilities.
  • Select Terminal.
  • Type csrutil disable.
  • Press Return or Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  • Click Restart…

We hope to get PK working with SIP enabled soon. Untill then, make sure SIP is disabled for using PK. IF you want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now for the time being


A quick heads up! There has been een issue with one of the latest PK versions causing: ” Error while listing folder contents: Dosdivices doesn’t exist.” Please update to latest version of PK to resolve it, we are still in testing face if it resolves the problems. Please report back when issues still occur with Portingkit version 3.0.18.

Thanks in advance and bear with us. We want resolve it as soon as possible.

Submarine Titans for Mac

Today I announce Submarine Titans for Mac! Porting Kit is for most part Compatible with Catalina now. So I can keep myself occupied with game porting again :)  Submarine Titans ( version) is now added in Porting Kit app and I also tested it with Catalina (with SIP disabled for now) and works great! The game run very smooth on my end. So really recommend this game when you like strategy games. The game has lots of similarities with games like Red Alert 2 and C&C but then pinpointed to an underwater world.

Game description Submarine Titans for Mac:
In the year 2047.  A massive comet ravages Earth’s surface and the remnants of mankind descend to the bottom of the ocean in order to survive. A century passes, and humans, resilient and enduring, slowly create new life in their cool blue underwater universe. But even in the still of the deep, one truth remains… where man goes, war soon follows. The craddle of civilization has spawned the seeds of man’s destruction and now all the oceans of the world are not big enough for the embattled civilizations of the power-hungry White Sharks, the technologically savvy Black Octopi and the alien Silicons. Deploy armies, research technologies, mine for resources and set in motion a plan to gain control of this spellbinding abyss or find the fate of civilization and mankind dead in the water.

1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from Submarine Titans from GOG (Remember to download the “offline backup setup files” into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Go to the Submarine Titians game page for more info up here…

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Submarine Titans for mac

It’s Official: Porting Kit is Catalina ready now!

It took a long while and thanks to the hard work of Dean alias Gcenx of the unofficial Wineskin, and Vitor from the Portingkit team, and of course many thanks to Codeweavers, who made the 32bit->64bit conversion possible, we finally have something to work with! It’s not perfect yet but, it at least Porting Kit (with the 32-bit games) works now with SIP disabled.

Existing installed game ports, needs to be re-installed. It needs the WS11 engines now in Catalina! So don’t panic when you launch your installed games, it’s “Normal” that it doesn’t work, (because of the old engine it still contains) it needs to be reinstalled.

I am also proud to introduce Dean alias Gcenx into the Porting Kit team :) With his Wineskin knowledge we can streamline Porting Kit more and more using the Wineskin app. So a big welcome to him!

How it works?
Exact the same as you used to, but you need to have SIP disabled. SIP in Catalina has some enhancements/improvements has been introduced which overlaps and reinforces the filesystem protections that SIP provides. So that causes that Porting Kit SIP enabled worked in Mojave and now not in Catalina. So it needs to be disabled for Porting Kit to work (Yes, your system will still be good protected, but not that tight as when SIP enabled). So you have to disable it using these instructions:

  1. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Restart…
  3. Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode.
  4. Click Utilities.
  5. Select Terminal.
  6. Type csrutil disable.
  7. Press Return or Enter on your keyboard.
  8. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar.
  9. Click Restart…

Or check these video instructions…. how to do that.

Some challenges which still needs to be overcome:
– SIP Disabled (needs to be enabled in the end)
– Only 2 Wine Engines available (newest ones) to use
– Some bugs in games (as comes with every new Mac OS)
– Popup of “security input” settings may appear at launch

All challenges which we hope to get fixed through time. At least we have something what works in Catalina when SIP is disabled (for now) of course.

Go to Catalina yes or no?
Thats up to you. You can wait until we fix the issues. Or if you are on Catalina and want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now. Not bad to support the people who made the 32bit->64bit technology. If you are already on Catalina, don’t bother SIP, then you can use Porting Kit :)

Steam client issues resolved and more news about Portingkit / Catalina support!

Steam Client issues Resolved!
Great news! The Steam client issues which has been around for a few months (but with workaround), has finally been resolved! The Steam-ports has been updated (couple ones left, will be done today and tomorrow Already done) and if you have a steam game installed and you want it to be fixed, it is required to delete the old port and reinstall the new/updated one. The fix also includes a working steam chat and a working store :)

Catalina 10.15*x OS support!
Besides this great news, we have other news as well. Very soon we will bring out an update of Porting Kit which is compatible with Catalina… BUT!!! Will work only with SIP disabled at the moment. SIP makes your Mac more secure, but with it’s limitations at prevents to let Porting Kit work properly. We are working on that, so if you prefer your Mac to optimal secure, then I advise to use Crossover for now until we have it working with SIP enabled as well. But for the people who don’t care about SIP and cannot wait, the option is there to use Porting Kit in Catalina when the update comes out :) Besides that it will still contain a few bugs (like it will ask to approve key-input in security with every launch of a game).

Other news!
Other existing bugs, like the “main exe not found” and some bonus error messages (besides the basic GOG installer error notifications) after an installation of the game, we think we found a fix for that as well and will be implemented in the next Porting Kit update! Last but not least, Vitor is working hard to rewrite Porting Kit from scratch so it will be also compatible for Linux and even Windows! But that’s not all, because when it is rewritten, it will be more stable and clean as well because of the renewing code which was old and outdated and containing bugs.

So bear with us for just little while longer before we can release an even better and cooler and more compatible Porting Kit!


We are close!! Sneakpeak screenshot!

Just a heads up! We have a steam fix ready (new engine) and as you can see we can run 32 bit games in Catalina, but still with SIP disabled for now. We are working to get it working with it enabled as well, but that will take some more time because that runs into some issues. We haveat least something for the Catalina users. We need a bit more testing and then we gonna decide to push the Catalina support update (SIP disabled required), or we gonna wait out until SIP enabled is working properly.

Cool stuff is coming soon!! Bear with us! Keep an eye out on the blog!

Close Combat Gateway to Caen and Panthers in the Fog added to Porting Kit!

Its already added more then a week ago, but now the formal announcement of the 2 games added to Porting Kit: Close Combat Gateway to Caen and Close Combat Panthers In The Fog. These classics are a must have for the Close Combat fans! Works great in windowed desktop resolution. 

Game description:
Command your forces on the strategic level, issuing orders to battalion or regimental-sized units to attack or defend, and allocate air or artillery support. Then fight out the resulting engagements in a highly-detailed, real-time simulation of World War II tactical combat. The results of the tactical battle determine who controls each area, and where they can move at the strategic level.

Install is Simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from  Close Combat Gateway to Caen and/or Close Combat Panthers In The Fog  from GOG (Remember to download the “offline backup setup files” into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Go to the Close Combat game page for more info up here… and here…

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News update Porting Kit and Catalina

So far so good. We are working hard to make it happen. Codeweavers (Crossover) managed to have it working already as mentioned in an earlier post. We are working hard with the help of Dean (Wineskin developer) to get 32bit-to-64bit conversion made possible by Ken Thomas from Codeweavers work in Wineskin. We hope to have some stuff ready in the beginning of the year.

But that is not all, Vitor is working hard to get Porting Kit completely rewritten again in “Electron” which will make it cross-platform (also Linux or even Windows!). It will fix also a lot of bugs which has been in the old app PK3.0. The new Portingkit will be called PK4.0 and have instead of specific icons, a more steam like view. Below a little preview screenshot from the GUI (in early stage).

Again we are working hard to make Porting Kit ready for the future and multi-platform :) I keep you posted and have a great new year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Paulthetall/Porting Kit team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor merry christmas happy new year

Crossover 19 has been official released and is Catalina compatible!

Yes! Great news! Crossover 19 has been released and available for the public, and it is Catalina ready! Thanks to one specific coder (Ken Thomas) Codeweavers managed to make 32-bit processes work in a 64-bit only environment. Which means you can still play your 32-bit games (which is 99% of the Porting Kit database) on your Mac! That’s awesome news. Besides that the Steam fix is included in their release, so you can also have your proper Steam client visible again! So if you can’t wait get Crossover, when you don’t have it yet. Porting Kit and Crossover are 2 applications which shouldn’t miss on your Mac :)  If you already have Crossover, you can update/download it from your Crossover account.

About the Catalina support for Porting Kit. Now the source is available (yeah we have a good relation with Codeweavers), we can apply the 64-bit fix as well in Porting Kit. However, we are hands short with coders, and as you have read in the previous post, if you want Porting Kit to speed up in development and you have knowledge about programming, then please check the “requirements” on the mentioned blog post and help us to make Porting Kit a better app even more! The plan/hope, is to have a Catalina ready Porting Kit in begin next year.

If you can’t wait, get Crossover meanwhile. You need more info about Crossover? Check this page…