Next-Gen Sports Games Get Subtle, Concrete Improvements.

Besides checking team news and looking at the odds on Betway, most sports lovers are inquisitive about how the games will look like on a new console. Not that they are expected to be different or more powerful. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite, as sports gamers normally portray closed, fixed environments that must have a perfectly smooth performance in every version. As such, most sports games are generally stable and reliable whatever system you play them on.

Taking games like NBA, FIFA, and Madden as an example, they’re already running at 60fps on native 4K, Xbox One, and PS4 pro. That’s a rare achievement for most games on those machines. When it comes to PS5, and the Xbox series x, 2K, and EA had to develop new ways to make the next generation better than the current one. PS5 has taken a different approach in terms of making the new hardware.

First of all, is how to obtain a new machine.  EA offers free PS5 and Xbox series s/x upgrades to anyone who bought the PS4 or Xbox One version of FIFA 21 or Maddens 21, though it is not automatic. You require making your way to the stores to obtain the next-gen version. Meanwhile, 2K has chosen to unveil NBA 2k21 as a completely separate product for the next generation of consoles. That means players will have to buy the title regardless of whether they own it on other platforms.

The next-gen version has a new UI for the series, and like the new Betway betting app, it loads much faster. It feels much flashier and sleeker than the available but occasionally clunky menus that the game had made use of in recent years. 2K21 on PS 5 and Xbox series s /x also has an ambitious new open player multi-hub known as the city that lets you navigate multiple boroughs with your created player.

Maiden 21 has also had a UI overhaul, mostly for the player calling system, but much of EA’s most overhyped improvements under the hood. According to the company, it is making use of NFL next-gen stats. This NFL initiative has nothing to do with the next-gen consoles, to increase the realism of movements, animations, and the replays for specific players.

FIFA has upgraded to the next-gen for the three, with almost identical UI to the last few gen versions. The most noticeable difference when playing the title is the new default camera, which lays and moves on rails to replicate better the TV broadcast camera used in most stadiums.

The graphics on almost all the consoles are practically similar. All the three consoles run in 4K and 60fps on the PS5 and series X, and the most significant improvements are in assets, the details of the crowds, and lighting.  All the games handle subtly but much more natural and realistic, making the previous generations of consoles look flat when you go back to them. It is well displayed in FIFA, which does a great job in creating the stadium atmosphere. The crowds seem natural, and the celebrations seem to be real.

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