Next Stop free for the Mac!

Next Stop free for the Mac! Yes you hear this right, Next Stop is another GameTop game which is added to the Portingkit. This game is normally $9,99 on game sites as but the GameTop version is free of charge and contains no trials, no payments, no malware/virus, no toolbars, no in-game ads or what so ever!

The railroad is on the verge of bankuptcy but there is still time to try to repair it. Get on the road right away, stop at the damaged areas and assign tasks to the works: to collect resources, repair the railroad, build, and much more.

Free Game features:
– 40 exciting levels;
– Excellent graphics;
– Individual strategies for completing tasks;
– Fascinating story;
– Relaxed mode: play without a timer.

The game should work on all Mac configurations, and I tested the game for about 30 minutes on my Intel HD Macbook Air without any problems. If you like time management simulators and nice music, then this game is a perfect match for you! The Portingkit will automatically download and install this game for you. Simple as that. For the basic instructions for the usage of the Portingkit, go here…

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