Octodad: Dadliest Catch for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Mac) is an new adventure game with a visual style inspired by the American 1950’s aesthetic, but with futuristic twists. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is now available for Mac on GOG.com. Simply buy the Mac game from GOG.com and download and play. Enjoy!

Game description:
Octodad: Dadliest Catch is about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about daily life. Octodad’s existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodan nature a secret from his human family



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