Official WOT Wrapper added on game page! has released its own Mac port on their site which runs much more stable then mine. Their native alpha build seems not to “hang/crash” while returning to garage and frame-rates are a better as well. So I add the download link  for this version as well on the game page. I will keep my wrapper as an alternative download if the wrapper doesn’t work at all for you, or when using other regions then US. For the other regions then US, use the written guide  instructions on the WOT site which “dstud208” described very good for my wrapper.

Download this Wrapper on the game page here…


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  1. Mine WoT is in the France Language, do you know how I can change this.

    Thank you very much, you are doing a great job.

    Rowns ;)

  2. Start the game launcher and on the right side of the WoT logo you will see a small flag (probably Fr_French). Click on it and choose a relevant language.

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