Origin Activation.dll final fix!!

Ladies and Gentlemen attention please! Finally, yes finally we implanted a decent fix for the Origin activation DLL issues. In the past we needed to use specific patches to workaround that issue and even then there were some people where it still caused problems. However!! There is finally an official fix for this problem (a pre-loader) which fixes this issue once and for all! I nice extra with the new engine, is that the crash after install is fixed as well! I will test and update all Origin games this weekend and coming week. I already did the update for the games:

The rest will follow shortly. Red Alert 2 and C&C renegade have a regression in the latest Wine versions, so that still needs to be fixed before I will update these Engines. This means the games still work using the old fashioned patches, but the engine with pre-loader will follow shortly as well!


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  1. Okeeeej, There seems a small bug in combination PK and the engine naam which causes the install of Origin to fail….I am working on It and hope to have it fixed today!

  2. aaaand its fixed! You do need to update Porting Kit to let it work. It needed an extra adjustment in PortingKit to let it work properly. Checked:
    – C&C 3
    – Red Alert 3
    – need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    – Need for Speed Undercover
    – Burnout Paradise

    and all work fine now :)

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