Outlaws + handfull of missions port updated!

A quick heads up. Thanks to an email (notifying me about the bug) of a Porting Kit user, I fixed a Outlaws + Handfull of missions because it had a game update of GOG.com. This GOG.com update of the game caused that when you launched the game after install, you only got a menu window with an option to install or exit the game. This bug was only present when you installed the game since the update of the game.

This problem has now been fixed and now you can play this awesome old game in it’s full glory even on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.x.

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  1. Game works fine but the configuration menus (mouse controls, keyboard controls) load as black screens.

    Downloaded from GOG. Running OS 10.15.5. Any tips/tricks to get the menus to work in game?

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