Parallels Desktop

Besides Porting Kit and Crossover, there is also Parallels Desktop (a Virtual Machine with Windows 11) to make the whole thing complete! What you can’t or hardly run on Crossover or Porting Kit, in most cases you can run it perfectly on Parallels Desktop on your Intel or Apple Silicon Mac. What crashes and lags in Porting Kit/Crossover, runs most of the time nicely in Parallels Desktop.

– Red Alert 2 & 3 and Command and Conqueror 3 and 4 series
– Fallout series
– Assassin Creed Series
– FIFA 20/22
– Track mania series
– Total War: Rome 2
– Many and Many more.

Check out the enormous compatibility list/wiki up here… and there will be a an own Parallels compatibility list up here…

Parallels Desktop is extremely easy to use and has an auto installation of Windows 11 included when installing/configuring Parallels (within literally a few minutes, see short video below) om Mac! You can try it 14 days free and then when you are convinced activate Parallels Desktop (buy it here..) and you need a Windows 11 Activation key, which you can get very cheap (about $22) here… and activate it. That’s it! All your Steam/Ubisoft Connect/GOG/Origin/EA App games will be at your disposal. Parallels Desktop is very integrated on your Mac OS so it is very pleasant to use. For example the files on your desktop are also on the desktop in Windows 11. Seamless integration. This is a must have application for your daily use of your Mac besides Porting Kit. And with the “Coherence” mode, you can hardly notice you are working with a Virtual machine!

And a very awesome extra is that you have also access to tones of  Windows applications which aren’t in Porting Kit, like Office, Edge,, and many many more.

Installing Parallels, peanuts!

Install Windows 11 in 1 or 2 clicks in minutes!