Patrician 2 for the Mac!

Patrician 3 was already ported for a long while! Now the predesessor Patrician 2 Quest for Power is ported as well. The package is still available on and includes: Patrician 1 as well, but that one isn’t working properly yet, so for that one we have to wait out some more Wine development. This Strategy game is really cool for the ones who love trade simulators! Some nice features are: A realistic simulation of a complex world comprised of production, transport, trade and consumption, detailed and historically accurate graphics and a mix of genres including trade, economics, sea battles and diplomacy. The game works great using Crossover!

Predecessor to Patrician 3, in the price of just one! Set against the historical backdrop of maritime trade at the time of the Hanseatic League, the Patrician series sees the player take the role of a citizen of a medieval hanseatic town in Northern Europe, between London and Novgorod, with the aim being to rise from the status of an ordinary, unimportant trader to that of a major business tycoon and governor of your hometown. To achieve this goal, the player must gain the respect and recognition of other inhabitants and try to make a profit through maritime trade, the production of goods and the completion of missions. The player can raise his profile by both improving the city and through diplomacy, or by raising money for his treasury by means of piracy and smuggling – but watch out, others want easy money too, so you would do wise to arm your ships!

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