gets it’s own App!!

I have amazing news for you guys and girls. will get his own app! I  was thinking of an app for a long while already, especially file-hosting was a pain in the ass, Opendrive and Filefactory have slow downloads and or advertisement screens in it. Mediafire was the only file host reliable and trustworthy through these years but was limited in download size which caused problems with bigger files. Also some bugs  with a couple of wrappers which may have caused by my profile when creating the wrapper (especially the oldest wrappers), are over!

This app, this amazing app, will be a mix of Steam, Crossover and PlayonMac! You open the app, go to your library and can choose for the local Wrappers installed on your Mac or check the Wrappers available on the server. Search your desired game, and click download and it will automatically download the engine, apply the tweaks/tricks needed for the game and when it involves a downloadable file, it will automatically download and install the game in the app including the branded game specific icon!!  Yes, so easy! You don’t even have to set the start executable! It will be all done by the application. This application will make all game pages absolute because all details/description will be visible when selecting the specific game. You even can rank the game on video-card! So give your rank 1-5 stars how the port works on your video-card. This will give insight how the wrapper will work on your video-card. There is even nothing else needed anymore because you can simply download and launch the game from-out the app! There will be a community tab with chat and a kinda forum. There will be a Help tab, to contact us and for guides and tutorials. It’s a dream app and no log in account is necessary!

“Paul, development is probably just started and will probably take another year to publish…” Well, the app is already fully function, technically the application is almost ready, we are working on the layout/GUI and when this all is ready I will add the WSI files (those are the scripts which do all the work) to the server so everyone can download them within the app. So the official release of it will be only a few months away! The name of the App and more details will follow coming weeks!

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  1. Great idea paul

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