Pax Imperia – Eminent Domain for Mac!

Pax Imperia is added to the Portingkit! Our universe is as vast as you deem it to be. Explore and colonize hundreds of inhabitable worlds in one of the largest game universes ever created. No two games will ever be the same! Once colonies are established, they can either be left alone or carefully managed. I tested Pax Imperia a bit in the Portingkit and it seems to work just fine on my Nvidia 64om iMac.

I made the port available as Crosstie and for the Portingkit. So for the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here… and to learn more about Crossover go here…

Get the file on the server tab of the Portingkit here… or if you use Crossover the Crosstie here…

Some gameplay of the game shown below.

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