Pinball World released for the Mac!

Spidersoft’s novel twist on pinball guarantees something new and exciting with each table. Globetrotting gameplay and innovative simulation technology make Pinball World one of the most unique pinball games out there! Pinball World  is now available for Mac on You like Pinball games? Well I have several available on my website like: Pro Pinball Big Race USA or Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey, or the free ported 3D Pinball Space Cadet, or the native Pinball Gold Pack which is available on as well. Enough choice to have some Pinball fun!

All it takes is the flick of a flipper to span the globe in this pinball classic from Spidersoft. Play on tables based on locales from all over the world, earn enough points and you can trek your way through Africa to the North Pole. It’s not as simple as activating all the lights on a table, however. You’ll need to steer your ocean liner across the Atlantic and navigate harsh deserts in your buggy in a series of challenging mini-games if you really want to travel to every corner of the Earth.

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Pinball World_ mac screenshot 3

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