Poker Strategies and Tips to Help You Win in Red Dead Redemption

Many poker players will tell you that the Red Dead Redemption will take you on the proverbial emotional roller coaster. The game can excite you and bring you agony. Therefore, if you want to make money playing RDR2, you need to discover some missions and tips for poker mini-games.

Poker in RDR2
Red Dead Redemption 2 could be just a game but similar to poker; there are multiple ways to play it. Before looking at the strategies, do you know the RDR2 game?

The game’s setting is an Open World Environment in North America in the 1900s. It follows the escapades of Arthur Morgan, who belongs to a small gang determined to make ends meet by all means necessary without regard to the law.

The game depicts the conquest of the West in a world where the railway has not reached the Pacific. The game is full of missions, challenges, and tasks that can engage you for weeks.

Rigging your first hand in RDR2
You will encounter poker in the initial stages of the main story missions called “Who Is Not Without Sin” in Chapter 2. As you walk into the Flatneck Station, you will find Reverend Swanson, the little community’s clergyman. He is intoxicated and wagering money away at the poker table. So, you have to do the noble thing; remove him and take his place.

Here, you will be playing poker for money in the Wild West. Even though it is a 1c/2c game, you could buy a lot of stuff at the stores with a couple of cents.

Your first hand will be Q-To, and you will suck out on your opponent’s Q-J by hitting a pair – the ten on the river. However, from the second hand onwards, the cards are random like on other online poker sites.

RDR2 Locations
Flatneck Station is not the only poker location. The other locations include:

  • Valentine
  • Blackwater
  • Denis
  • Tumbleweed

Blackwater and Tumbleweed are not available until later on in the game. At other times, poker is available in your camp, and you can play with friends. The best location to play for money is St. Denis because it is the only place you can play for 2c/4c. There are always enough players at this location which is the biggest city in the game’s world.

High Stakes Mission
The game also has high-stakes poker. However, it is not a specific location you can go to but part of the main story. Therefore, it might take some time for you to reach the mission in Chapter 4. The mission is called A Fine Night of Debauchery. It gets you to play on a riverboat steamer using a false name against some dubious business people.

You will get dressed up well for this evening, where you will relieve Mr. Desmond Bligh of his money. The poker part in this mission is rigged as you will have someone from your community telling you when to call and when to fold. His name is Herr Strauss, the creepy money-lender from Australia. However, if you want to complete your mission perfectly, don’t take his help. The dealer is also in on it and will rig the deck and signal you when to risk your money.

It only takes a few hands to reach the big setup and suck out. The following hand is also a set up then you will have all the chips on the table. You must also discover what the setups are because as you go to get your cash, things could quickly get out of control.

Poker Challenges in RDR2
Poker challenges in RDR2 are numbers 1, 4, and 10. They are:

  • Win 5 hands of poker– you don’t have to complete all the five hands in Flatneck station; you can do it elsewhere.
  • Bust a player in 3 different locations – this is the toughest of the three challenges. You need to take one player’s complete stack while at Flatneck Station, St. Denis, and Valentine. The secret is to raise big, at least 10x to build a pot early in the hand. This means your opponents will have to commit to the pot.