Porting Kit 2.9.577 released

Hello everyone! Here is VitorMM! Once again, I’m bringing the latest changes in PK. The latest version at this point is Porting Kit 2.9.577, released today.

The Porting Kit video card detection is better than never. A proper detection should happen with all video cards. Also, GOG Galaxy should be installable in the latest Wine and Wine Staging engines, and that opens room for many new possibilities.

Still, the most important change is the support to the Unofficial Wineskin Wrapper and the WS10 engines. You can enable the Unofficial Wineskin Wrapper in the Porting Kit Preferences. After that, the WS10 engines should be visible and usable. We have huge expectations of using the unofficial wrapper in all of our ports in the future, and the new WS10 engines are the first step towards more modern engines.

We must remember that the support to the Legacy version is going to end soon. Porting Kit 2.9.x is the last one to receive Legacy updates. The latest Wine engines can’t be properly compiled in macOS 10.6 and 10.7, and the number of PK users in those systems is pretty small nowadays.

A special thanks goes to Gcenx, for making the majority of the recent updates in the Unofficial Wineskin wrapper! And another thanks goes to both Gcenx and Brainzyy, for building the latest Wineskin engines, and always improving then in order to support a wide range of users and a wide range of applications!

Porting Kit update image

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