Porting Kit 3.0 update + PK 4.0 Beta news!

A quick heads up regarding PK 3 and the the PK 4.0 Beta. Things are going fast and before you know it it’s the end of the year and Big Sur will be released. Well about Porting kit 3.o we had an update 3.0.49 fixing a few things. see below.

  • Fixed: Contact Us tab should work in macOS 10.15+
  • Removed: Error message in macOS 10.15.4+
  • Added: Method that replaces engine in case it’s needed

For the Porting Kit 4.0 alpha we are at 4.0.15 and we are almost there for a beta release to the public. We are getting e-mails with people who are eager to get their hands on it, and I have to say, they are absolutely right. Although it still doesn’t contains all the features as PK 3.0 has, its a neat, and clean and especially, Apple singned and noterised, SIP enabled ready, which makes it also secure, and working without the need of doing all kind of extra stuff. And yes, its about a week or 2 away for public release! More info about the extra features will be revealed on the public beta release!

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