Porting Kit 3 will be fased out, download link will removed. Porting Kit 4 will be primary.

Porting Kit 4 is developing more and more, but maintaining 2 apps with all changes going on is hard to keep up. That’s why all urge you to use Porting Kit 4 instead of Porting Kit 3. At the moment Porting Kit 3 is having flaws because of recent development of moved Engines. This causes some issues like “download source website seems to be offline” which you don’t experience if you have PK4.  So this is what we gonna do. As for tonight, the Porting Kit 3 download link will be removed. For the people who still have/use Porting Kit 3 we going to prepare an update which updates/replace the application with Porting Kit 4 in the near future. This will move all PK3 users to PK4 on a friendly way.

But that’s not all. With all the changes in Wine Engines, Mac OS, Apple Silicon, we cannot keep supporting older Mac OS’es. What does that mean? Porting Kit 4 is optimized for Mac OS 10.13.x and higher but still a lot (but decreasing number) of games will work on 10.11+, but to play more popular games it is required to upgrade to 10.13.x and up. Mac OS has been changed too much the past year to be able to support older Mac OS ’es. Fortunately there is a Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra Patcher (3rd party software, read their instructions and compatibility carefully), which can upgrade a lot of early 2008 Macs to High Sierra after all. Check the link to see if your Mac is compatible to be upgraded to 10.13 High Sierra so you can experience the best Porting Kit support.

We hope you all move to Porting Kit 4 as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Download Porting Kit 4 up here…

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