Porting Kit 4.0.61 (register) bug installing games (resolved).

Update!! Porting Kit 4.0.62 has been released and put on minimum version to function. All problems regarding register should be fixed now :)
If you installed a port today or yesterday which didn’t work. Please trash the old install/Icon/Port and reinstall it. It should work properly now.

Here a quick heads up. Porting Kit 4.0.61 (4.0.61) has an issue with setting the register. If you have trouble with installing and running a game today (update was this morning) then please wait installing the desired game until later today when we release a new update. The bug will cause in most cases the game not to run.

We will keep you posted  on the blog.

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  1. I installed Porting Kit only today and was wondering what I could be doing wrong. Now i know (I hope). Thanks for fixing it!

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