Porting Kit 4.0.65 released!

After the fix of Porting Kit 4.0.65 (see last post about that) we are delighted to announce another Porting Kit 4 Beta version (4.0.66).  Besides some cosmetic fixes it also contains a few updated  FAQ items, it has a few extra features. I will discuss the “Custom EXE creator” option and the “Theme chooser” in preferences.

Custom Exe Creator:
When you in Porting Kit 4.0.66 right-click on a local installed port (on the left) then you have an option to create a “Custom Exe”. What is a Custom exe? Well, for example when a specific game has a specific config .exe or you want to set a specific exe for a Mod you installed, then you may want that short-cut in the Porting Kit. You can do that simply by right-clicking the specific port and choose the “custom exe” option, then name it, and then select the specific exe you want to use. After clicking ok, the exe has been added into Porting Kit.

Theme chooser:
Yes it now possible to choose your theme as well in Porting Kit 4! Choose from the classic “Blue Galaxy” theme or the “Boxer Dark Shelf” or “Boxer Classic Shelf” theme. Click on the top bar using the Porting Kit menu, and choose “preferences” and then select your choice. Enjoy!

New Changes in 4.0.66:

  • Fixing Preferences window
  • Server app icons should be cached for better performance
  • Analytics step updated
  • FAQ updated
  • Refresh button in News tab should work properly
  • Reading local WSI files should work properly
  • Added right-click menu option to create new custom EXE (shortcut)
  • Fixed link colors
  • Underlines should appear in app descriptions
  • Now it’s possible to disable wrapper updates on PK’s userData.json file
  • Added Antivirus startup window

Check the new change log page of Pk 4 up here…

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