Porting Kit 4.0 in progress and some more port fixes and “Yesterday” gets GOG.com version.

Time is not standing still and a lot is going on in Porting Kit world. At first, past weeks I have done a lot of port updates and fixes. With some I only did only some text updates and for others fixes. I will name the list i’ve done. If you see a game you tried in the past and din’t work for you, please retest now :)

Fixed ports:

New GOG.com version added:

Porting Kit 4.0
Porting Kit 4.0 is coming soon! While Porting Kit 1/2/3 was made with old code and slow and is a bit buggy. Porting Kit 4.0 will be completely rewritten from the ground in Electron, which will make it platform compatible as well, which means PK can be released for Linux, or even Windows! But that’s not all, because it will be much faster, much more reliable, way more compatible for new changes like auto update of game ports when released, easily help to translate PK in every language, even more beautiful GUI, and much much more! Vitor is working hard on that project and has making good progress. We hope to inform you soon more about the process and new features. Keep a close eye on the blog!!

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