Porting Kit 4.0 public Beta 2 is out!

Edit 1-11-2020 —> We managed to fix the advanced issue bug! We hear good sounds now that it is finally fixed. Please let us know in the comments.

You can download the updated PK4 Beta on the Porting Kit download page up here…


Edit 1-11-2020 —>  advanced bug has been partly resolved. We are working hard to resolve that bug. It also doesn’t seems to be for everyone. We really advice to use PK 3.0 next to the PK 4.0 beta in the meanwhile until we resolve the bug.


You probably have seen it when launched the Porting Kit 4.0 Beta today. A message that your Beta is out of date, but when you click update, nothing happens. Yes that’s right, Porting Kit 4.0 has no automatic update function yet, so you have to redownload the new beta manually from the Portingkit.com download page… or directly here…

– Fix for “advanced greyed out” issue.

It seemed a lot of people were experiencing an issue where they couln’t advance through the “advanced” part because it was greyed out. This was caused by an authorization window which asked for access to the desktop. However, this window was or not coming, or accidently set to no, which caused again that you couldn’t advance as well. This as been addressed and shouldn’t appear there anymore.

Link Collor bug after installation.
Another small bug was that in cases after instalaltion of a port, the links in the port description turned darkblue instead if light blue.

Fix wineprefix fail.
Another bigger bug which also seems to appear in Porting Kit 3 for some people: is the wine prefix creation part, It could hang there for ages for some people. This should be addressed too now.

We hope to have the automatic update feature in the Beta very soon, but untill that time, you need to manual download the latest version of the Beta from the Porting Kit download page.

Get your latest beta up here…

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25 thoughts on “Porting Kit 4.0 public Beta 2 is out!

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the quick update, but unfortunately, it seems I still have the same issue with HoM&M3 installer.
    I’m on macOS 10.15.7

  2. Hi,

    with this new beta version I still get the same error with the installation stopping on the “advanced settings” step. The Game is Hidden & Dangerous 2 using the original GOG.com Install files.
    macOS Version 10.15.6

  3. Hi,

    nice to see you work so fast, thanks! Unfortunately, the issue still persist for me as well. Monkey Island 1+2 SE. Do you need any logs or sth.?

  4. Checked that already, but the + and – are greyed out, no way to add an app manually (yes, I did unlock the panel first). PK4 seems not to invoke the request.

    Tried to add it to Full Disk Access instead. Doesn’t change anything…

  5. If this doesnt help please sent an email to Vitor: [email protected] so he can troubleshoot with some of you. This must be fixed ASAP, the Misery is that I cannot reproduce the issue on my system. It looks like a “authorisation” bug, because on that specific moment I did run PK the first time on a fresh installed Mac, I got a messgae to approve write access to desktop before able to continue.

  6. @Blad thats interesting. Please sent a detailed mail with screenshots to Vitor so he can troubleshoot with you.

  7. Hi,

    Was so glad to see the update this morning but sadly still not working for me with anything I’ve tried.
    Thanks for the fast reponce though!

  8. yeah Its worked on as we speak. we run into some other bugs as well, so we taking care of those as well in the process.

    Just use Porting Kit 3.0 in the meanwhile besides the Beta if you can’t wait with some games, but we are close.

  9. Hi, thank you again for what you’ve done !

    Unfortunately, it’s still not working for m with HoM&M3. Juste after the Agreement step, it goes on Summary and says :
    “The installation failed.
    ENOEN: no such file or directory, scander ‘/Users/Vincent/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/Engines'”
    It only offers me to click on “Show Console Logs”.

    No difference with Full Disk Access

  10. I did get the same error as Vincent.

    After downloading and installing Wineskin (Winery) I got past Advanced Settings.

    The port that got created doesn’t work though, starting the game shows a Wineskin menu. Maybe it will work for someone else though.

  11. Yup we aware of that and working on the bug. It’s not for everyone. I have on 2 Macs no issues at all (Catalina and Big Sur). But again we are working hard to resolve it. Meanwhile you can use Porting Kit 3. I updated the blog post. The Porting Kit 3 app wille be updated as well for Big Sur (so the message about not compatible yet for Big Sur will be removed, because PK 3 works just fine Big Sur as well.

  12. Yep, having the same issue with HoMM3 installer on 10.15.7.

    Also one more thing — when I click on “Custom port” and then enter a name, nothing happens. Might be a related bug?

    Anyway, thanks so much for all your hard work on this! Have an awesome week!

  13. Ok guys, retest and redownload the beta from the porting Kit website. We hear good reports back at the moment that it is really fixed now (advanced greyout button)

  14. HoM&M3 is installed but I can’t launch it. I think Wineskin installer is blocked by Avast which found a lot of malwares. I’m kind a novice, is it normal ?
    Thank you

  15. Amazing work, thanks for all the hard work its appreciated!
    Diablo tested and working
    Nox next to try

  16. Hay guys,

    Sorry was hoping you could help me out with another issue.
    Once installed everything runs as expected but after quitting out and going back to the install location I can’t find them. Not showing in application or designated install location is this just me or am I missing something obvious?

  17. @vincent, yes the problem is that antivirus is finding a lot of false positives because of wine containing tonns of “fake dll’s” and can be flagged as “malware” which it isn’t. so you can temporairly disable your virusscan or ignore specific notifications.

  18. Hey Rogin, you have to be more specific about the issue. And sent me an email with details. Posts needs to be ontopic please :)

  19. Hey Paul,

    No worries I fixed whatever the problem was cant say know how but everything is work perfectly.


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