Porting Kit 4.1.0 release with Apple Silicon support!

Yes! Finally! We talked about it in the past about the Apple Silicon Macs support in Porting Kit. Codeweavers already builtin the support in CX20.0.1 and CX20.0.2, but with Wineskin RC2 and with the special built of CX20.0.2 engines (great work Dean!) in combination with Mac OS Big Sur 11.1+ we finally can play Windows games on Apple Silicon Macs using Porting Kit 4 Beta!

Wow, does all the games in the Porting Kit database work on Apple Silicon?!
Well, many of them do (especially the more newer games) but some older ones won’t. It requires a lot of testing to see what games work on the Silicon Mac and which don’t. Besides that you have to understand that Apple silicon support is still in the works at Codeweavers, and besides that Rosetta needs improvements as well and is in the improving process. So this will fix a lot of things in the future as well.

Steam ports aren’t working at the moment on Silicon Macs. We are working on a fix for that.

Whats tested and how do I know which games do not work on Apple Silicon?
We are working on a system that when we tested a game “not working” on Apple Silicon Macs, that it will show it. For the ones we don’t know now it’s still experimental and will come through time and testing clear. Remember what does not work now, may work in the near future with new engines and Better Rosetta2 support in new Mac OS updates.

Minimum Requirements for Apple Silicon:
– Mac OS 11.1+
Porting Kit 4 Beta (4.1.0)

We tested these games so far:
– Metal Gear Solid (works)
– Caesar 3 (works)
– Empire – Rise of a middle Kingdom (works)
– Zeus & Poseidon (works)
– Fallout New Vegas (works)

– Rollercoaster Tycoon (does not work)
– Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 (does not work)

Feel free to test yourself and let us know what works for you and which don’t. Some ports may need special tricks to let to work after all. Everyone who has Porting Kit 4 will receive the update message :) Have fun!

Oh one more thing…vulkan/DXVK support is coming very soon as well!! This means Witcher 3/Age of Empires 2 DE etc. will come soon to Porting Kit!!

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  1. A follow up – it is working perfectly on base model M1 Macbook Air. I’ve so far successfully tested Anno 1602 and Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom. Next game to test is Anno 1404. The news about support for Witcher 3 and AOE2 is awesome. Nice work! Thank you for the ongoing development.

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