Porting Kit 4.1.11 Released!

After a failed update attempt last week causing an un-ending update window at every startup, we have a a new tested and working update of Porting Kit to version 4.1.11! This update has some relocations of Engines and Winetricks making downloads better accessible and faster. Besides that we made a few small changes in messages, for example when people downloaded the goggalaxy setup file instead of the offLine backup setup file, you get a proper message with the info to download the correct files.

Besides that we made another important change regarding updates. To avoid not enough tested updates, we created a separate “beta” update branch which will contain the latest developer builds of PK4, so these can be tested properly before released in the stable branch. When you want to attent in these latest updates, then in the Porting Kit preferences select the checkbox of “Enable experimental features”. This checkbox will activate the developer builds for your Porting Kit. So from now on, only stable builds will be released in the official Porting Kit 4 Branch.

– Winetrick Github links should be cached
– WS11 engines are compatible with macOS 10.13+
– Winetricks now may be downloaded from GitHub
– DXVK should only be installable in 64 bit engines
– GOG Galaxy installer message updated
– Experimental select-box extra branch beta updates

This update will automatically update your Porting Kit 4 and is now also the primary download on the portingkit.com/download page.

A sneakpeak for the next update: Will finally have an update window with process bar. DLC installer fix and the feature to use the “install now” links from the portingkit.com game pages in PK4.

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

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  1. Great Work!! Does anyone know if this fixes the Witcher III Bug, where when you damage any kind of opponent in combat the whole game freezes? (M1 Macbook Air 8Core/16GB asking)

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