Porting Kit 4.1.22 released!

A new update has been released for Porting Kit 4. There are a couple of features and a lot of bug fixes. I know it would be better to see the changes in a window in Porting Kit 4 itself, but that’s high on our priority list. The most important changes explained below:

“Automatic exe recognition after install”
A very important feature has now become reality. Earlier when the “main exe” path was wrong, the Porting Kit game installation would fail. Now with this automatic path checker, it will automatically change the path of the main exe or when there are multiple, it will show a popup where you can choose which one Porting Kit should use.

“Clear Caches” in “tools” in Porting Kit top bar.
When there are systemic issues with Porting Kit which are local system related, this may be a handy tool to fix the issues.

Most important changes since 4.1.17 until 4.1.22:

  • EXEs that are not inside the wrapper won’t be recommended as main EXEs
  • Ports with dependencies and/or the engine CX64Bit20.0.2-1 should install normally
  • CX19.0.2-2 replacement replaced with CX19.0.2-3
  • An EXE should be automatically picked in auto mode if no other EXE fits
  • If the main EXE of a port is not valid, and there are more than one valid possibilities, PK should ask the user which one to use
  • If the main EXE of a port is not valid, and there is only one valid possibility, PK should set the main EXE automatically
  • Improved exception catching on the last installer view
  • Handling of exceptions with installer refactored
  • Added extra info to experimental features
  • Custom ports shouldn’t include a doubled EXE selection
  • Added special condition to replace engines in experimental mode
  • If no path can be found for an engine, a proper message should be shown
  • When importing PK3’s library, only games that still exist should be added
  • If something goes wrong when restoring PK3’s library, PK4 shouldn’t break
  • Startup window should have the buttons with proper names
  • When using the advanced installation with GOG games, the main EXE should be detected properly
  • When running the advanced installation with a right click, PK should work properly
  • Improved the options on the Clear Caches window

Check the whole change log up here….

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