Porting Kit 4.1.27 Released!

Great news Porting Kit had another update! We are planing to lower the amount of updates and do an update once or twice per month now. You can always add yourself to the experimental branche if you want to get the latest updates using the porting Kit preferences. Porting Kit 4 is still in beta and is getting more and more a stable and is getting more and more cool features and fixes :) So I will just name a couple important ones.

Usage of specific custom engines:
We added a custom engine which has a fix for all the GOG.com installers which end in a few (un-important) errors. But now this is fixed it looks much better of course and professional.

Scroll cache/load improvement:
Not only this saves us bandwidth (downloading in icons), but this also improves performance while scrolling and searching.

Ports in troubleshoot state are shown with a maintenance wheel badge:
As mentioned in the title, game ports which are in maintenance mode has a badge now to be easily recognized. When the port is greyed out, then the only source is in maintenance mode, if it still has color, then there is an alternative source available (for example Steam or GOG) .

Changes from 4.1.22->4.1.27:

  • Returning the end event to the original location, and adding success event
  • Event of port installation end should only be sent if the port was installed successfully
  • Uncaught exceptions in installer window now should be catch
  • Commenting reference to unexisting file
  • Uncaught exceptions should be sent to Analytics
  • Implemented Analytics to catch application errors
  • Removed ‘Downloading update’ message from non-deprecated PK versions
  • Fixing search bar along with infinite scroll
  • Computer specifications window improved
  • Organizing the use of dialogs
  • App icons should only be loaded as the user scrolls
  • Replaced many of the alerts with system alerts
  • Added compatibility validation to dependencies
  • Compatibility and recommendation rules should come from the server
  • Games in troubleshooting state should be visible from the library
  • If the server config is not available, but you have a backup config, PK should work normally
  • If a wrapper if force killed during a wrapper installation, the installation shouldn’t hang
  • Refactor of the Wineskin version handling
  • Engines now can be replaced by a server config

Checkout the total change log up here…

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