Porting Kit 4 Beta process and more news and updates

An update of the process of the development Porting Kit 4 Beta. It has been een rough way since the 64bit only Mac OS update and Catalina 10.15x and Big Sur 11.x, introduction of Apple Silicon and more. We were forced to abandon Porting Kit 3 and move to the early stage Porting Kit 4.0 which still had and has bugs and some issues. But with some bumps in the road Porting Kit is and will be more and more stable.

We implemented the start of Apple Silicon Support. We added D3d11 support (64bit only at the moment) which made it possible to bring some very cool and popular DirectX 11 games to Porting Kit like Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition and Witcher 3 and Skyrim SE. We brought meanwhile most of Porting Kit 3 functionality to PK4. The App is Apple signed and noterised, which means it is safe and secure and can be easily installed and used. And much much more.

At the side line Gcenx has been working hard on improving Wineskin to version: with loads of changes and fixes. This wineskin version will automatically applied in the experimental version of Porting Kit and will shortly be applied on the main/official branche as well. Besides that, the engines has been improved and contains some extra fixes including the one for the GOG.com installers (fixes the error messages at the end).

Coming update of the main/official PK4 of next week will contain a lot of fixes and improvements which are already applied on the experimental branche.

A quick overflight of short term Porting Kit plans/implementation:
– WSI3 files implementation. This makes the installer very intelligent to apply all kind of extra steps. Think about, specific settings for specific videocards, extra
settings, etc.
– Re-implementation of the forums + Ranking of games. It’s almost ready to be implemented.
– New Engine CX21 with better support for D3D11 and Apple Silicon etc.

Long Term plans:
– Linux support
– Chat function
– Multiplayer support within Porting Kit with each other.
– VIP options and support.

So here is the top of the iceberg which is coming up! Exciting times and great perspective for Porting Kit now and in the Future!

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