Porting Kit 4 – “Experimental branch” option (Beta mode).

Since a couple of weeks ago we added an experimental “testing/beta” branch to Porting Kit to test new functionality and bug fixes. If you like to attend in this “Beta” group, then in your Porting Kit settings you can easily do that. You will be on the front row having access first to all new fixes and features within Porting Kit. When the Beta mode has issues please let us know so we can fix them before releasing it to the production PK branch. In that case you can turn off experimental mode until the issues are fixed.

Recent Features in the Experimental/Beta mode:
– Double-click an exe and porting Kit will pop-up and option for a new install or in an existing port.
– “Install now” option will work from the Porting.com website.
– Installation process-bar for Porting Kit updates. (will be visible in the next update)

Important bug fix:
The experimental branch has also a bugfix for Directx11 support for 64 ports like: Age of Empires 2 DE, Age of Empires 3 DE, Skyrim SE, Hitman Absolution, Freedom Fighter, Witcher 3. So if you want to install those games, please turn this experimental mode on before installing these games. We will have this fix in the production branch in a few days. So if you ran into this problem, turn on the experimental mode and install the 64bit/D3d11 game again.

You can automatically attend by selecting the “enable experimental features” checkbox in your Porting Kit preferences.

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